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Residential Student Meal Plan Options and Requirements:

We offer two plans for each Village; the basic or enhanced plan.  The basic plan is the minimum requirement for all residents.  This requirement ensures that a reasonable amount of food service will be available to meet the dietary needs of students living on campus.  Residents interested in enjoying more meals on campus may upgrade to the enhanced meal plan.  Each of these plans include flexible spending dollars for use at any campus dining venue.  Additional dining dollars may be added to an account at any time (see Incentive Plan below).

Requests for Exemption:

We recognize that there will be some students with strict dietary needs for medical or religious reasons.  We strive to provide sufficient variety to meet the dining needs of a wide range of tastes and requirements.  If you believe a meal plan exemption should be considered due to medical or religious reasons, please contact Rachel Tafoya in the Housing and Residential Education office to receive information on how to request an exemption.  In order for meal plan exemption requests to receive full consideration, they must be received no later than July 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester.  Most requests initially presented for exemption are able to be accommodated by our food service program.  In rare cases, we are unable to meet some or all of an individual's needs; in those cases, we grant a full or partial meal plan exemption.

Meal Plan Limitations:

  1. Non-Transferable:  In order to insure that each student who purchases a plan is able to obtain the expected benefit, meal plan credits and flexible spending dollars are not transferable to other students or visitors.  All campus dining venues provide cash options for visitors or CI community members who have not purchased a meal plan.
  2. Meal Plan Expiration: We encourage students to use all their meal plan credits and flexible spending dollars during the academic year to maximize their dining plan. Meal credits for Islands Café  do not carry over from fall to spring semester. However, flexible spending dollars do carry over from fall to spring semester, but expire at the end of the academic year.  Remaining credit at the end of the year cannot be refunded or carried forward to the next academic year.

Incentive Program

Take advantage of our incentive programs and get extra dining dollars for adding money to your dining cash account. You can easily access your account, check your balances and reload your card at DOCK Stations located in the Student Union and Broome Library or by using DOCK Online.

   2.5% with $100.00 Purchase  
   5.0% with $150.00 Purchase  
   7.5% with $200.00 Purchase 

View Residential Meal Plan: Terms & Conditions (PDF)